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And if unsure what to do, trust your instinct over hard facts. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Wednesday, October 9, All Sections. The Morning and Evening Brief. A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day.

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Three phones, a sorcerer, lies and suspicious deaths 11 minutes ago. Jupiter in Sagittarius will meet Neptune in Pisces at 90 degrees on Thursday, January 31 , Tuesday, June 18 , and Friday, November 8 , forming a celestial alignment that has not occurred since We may be tempted to over-indulge during this transit, so be careful of excessive behavior. Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac will form an extremely positive relationship with mystical Neptune, promoting material gain from spiritual pursuits.

Under this sky, we are encouraged to find structure in abstraction. Likewise, this is an excellent time to deepen your relationship with the occult and alternative magick practices. Tarot, anyone? On Wednesday, March 6 , revolutionary Uranus officially shifts into Taurus, beginning its eight-year journey across the earthy sign. Now, the planet will direct its attention towards financial systems, agriculture, and other tangible resources.

The ubiquity of credit may be replaced with a surge in crypto-currency, though hard, cold cash will likely prove to be king. On Tuesday, December 3 , however, Jupiter drifts into stoic Capricorn.

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When the moon also meets these celestial bodies in Capricorn on Thursday, December 26 , forming a dramatic solar eclipse, we can expect radical shifts to occur within our institutional systems. In many ways, we can see this profound alignment as a pivotal shift in the status quo, fueling the inception of new societal structures. So leave your comfort zones behind, cosmic warrior: is all about forward motion. Are you up for a challenge, Aries love?

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Of course you are. Expansive Jupiter journeys through Sagittarius through most of , illuminating your explorative ninth house, the area of your chart connected to travel and philosophy. Now, you're ready for an adventure. This will be an excellent year to plan journeys, adopt new theories, or even go back to school.

No need to overthink it, because all paths lead to gold: On Tuesday, December 3 , Jupiter will cruise into Capricorn, highlighting your tenth house of professional achievements. Read your full horoscope here. Throughout , massive changes occurred on the relationship front. Now, throughout , expansive Jupiter cruises through Sagittarius, illuminating the area of your chart associated with emotional transformation.

This energy can be a bit intense for steady Taurus, who always prefer to dwell in their comfort zones. All of your self-actualizations will be rewarded toward the end of the year.

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Be aware of the restrictions of the Moon Alert. See above. Sagittarius Nov. Not only that, conversations with family members might be confusing, circular or a bit pointless. Capricorn Dec.

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It might be hidden from you or it might be apparent. Knowing this, refrain from initiating important new ideas because you might not have all the facts, which means you are at a disadvantage. Wait for another day. Aquarius Jan. If you are dealing with a friend or a group and you feel that something fishy is going on — it is. Or possibly, you are confused? Pisces Feb.

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Even if others are well-meaning, there is an element of confusion to everything. You are confident and independent. You are naturally enthusiastic and you have an agile mind. This year exciting changes and beginnings await you as you begin a new cycle. Good news! Your physical strength will increase this year.